Hey guys, I;m planning to buy an SSD and I'm between the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB and the Samsung 850 PRO 250GB. Which one should I buy?
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    Compare here.

    850 Pro 256gb.

    Max Sequential Read
    Up to 550 MBps

    Max Sequential Write
    Up to 520 MBps

    Samsung EVO 250GB.

    Max Sequential Read
    Up to 540 MBps

    Max Sequential Write
    Up to 520 MBps

    The EVO is always cheaper ,it's the way to go.

    The only choices are 850 EVO or BX100 in that order.

    Currently the 2 best on the market.

    Samsung has a 35% market share for a reason , they are the best ad their SSD's have the longest lifespan.
    Compare here ^
    Samsung Lifespan
    Awards from tech sites.
  2. Between the PRO 250GB and the EVO 500 the EVO really is the better choice.

    - The PRO has a longer warrantey (10 years...which is insane), but really is a step above the EVO line because it has better performance

    - The advantage in performance of the 250GB PRO vs. the 500GB EVO is lessened because SSD's get a boost to performance when they reach the 500GB mark

    -In summary, the advantage of the PRO line is nullified by the fact that you're comparing a 250GB model to a 500GB EVO. For the same price, very close performance, and twice as much space, get the EVO.
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