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Budget LGA 1151 Motherboard

Hey all! Building a new system and i'm looking for an LGA 1151 motherboard for less than $100. Did some searches on Amazon and these are the top three I picked:


Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H-GSM


If there are any better ones for less than $100 please let me know. It needs to support 64GB's of RAM and be DDR4. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Going to be using with an Intel i5 6600k and the main use is for gaming.
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  1. HEXiT said:

    Thanks for the reply! Of all the above motherboards, including the ones I linked, which are the best?

    EDIT: I would like a board that can O/C
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    Why get a K model CPU and a non OCing mobo? Why 64GB on a gaming rig? Doesn't make much sense
  3. What motherboard did you end up getting i am getting the same cpu :D
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