Overclocking FX 8350 + Msi 970 Gaming mobo

I cant get over 4.5 Ghz its unstable and freezes or blue screen at above.


AMD FX 8350 4.5Ghz
Cooler Master seidon 120M liquid cooling
Msi 970 gaming mobo
Asus R9 390x 8GB GFX
G-skill 8GB 1866Mhz RaM
Corsair CX 750W psu
1.5TB Hardisk
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  1. Corsair CX 750W , Wouldn't OC with a CX power supply.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    Corsair CX 750W , Wouldn't OC with a CX power supply.

    why is that a problem?
  3. I have noticed over the past few days (as I have been shopping for a new PSU) that a lot of people are giving corsair PSU's bad reviews. Even ended up following a few links to YouTube where people's Corsair PSU's had blown up at idle speed. Something to do with cheap capacitors I think. I have an fx8350 with an msi r9 390 and your same mobo, being shipped to my house as we speak. You have any problems with your mobo? I was a little iffy when buying it because of the great price (got it for 75 bucks)
  4. Msi 970 Gaming is a GREEAT motherboard. One of the better 970 boards.
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