Issue figureing if new card will work/fit in current case.

Howdy everyone, odd that this is my first post considering I read so much here when I'm learning, but now it's my turn to ask.

So, my current computer is pretty alright, not insane, but good enough. However the graphics card it's using is at it's limits and is certainly a weak link. And I want to upgrade it so I can play games on pretty good settings with higher Fps for a while to come. So I'm looking to upgrade. However as the title says I'm not sure if it will fit (or work in my pc with power requirements). Let me give details:

My current rig is:
Windows 7
Intel i7 CPu 920 @2.67GHz
18 gigs of ram
Corsair CX 600 power supply

And the current GPU is a GeForce GTS 450

Now, this is the case my pc is in:

My computer has mostly all those parts too, the power supply and GPU being changed since I got it years ago.

On that page it's demensions read as 14.2?(H)x6.7?(W)x17.1?(D) And my current card fits fine.

I was looking to upgrade to a GTX 970 (or a 960? Is there an enormous difference between the two? Price jump is large.) however, and while it's dimensions are similar, it is much longer. And for width it only says "dual-width" that a universal width then, since my current is also a dual monitor capable card?

Also on top of this, can my system support a GTX 970, or will it require power I don't have? Or would my older processor bottle neck the gpu harshly? blah, updating seems to be a bit of a nightmare haha.
Not to mention am I even looking in the right direction with the 970 as an upgrade, or should I be looking at any other cards? Sorry for all the questions, but new to really doing this sort of hardware stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope I provided all the info needed, if not let me know.
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    Your PSU is adequate for that card. The GTX 970 is a low wattage, high performance card. The best way to determine if the card is going to fit, it to measure from the expansion slot cover to the nearest obstruction the card will come to. dual width or double width simply means the card requires 2 expansion slots. It will electrically only sit in one, but it will occupy 2 expansion slot areas.

    Not knowing which exact card you had in mind, I'd suggest finding one, checking its specs for the length and then measure inside you case to see where it extends to. But I suspect it will fit if you don't have a drive in the way. Even then, the drive can be moved.
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