Do I need to buy a new windows copy for another motherboard?

Okay look, I know this has been answered so many times over. But each situation and each particular operating system has gotten different answers, so I decided to ask it myself (sorry). I want to get a new motherboard. I want more GPU Power than my R9 270, the cheapest route that would definitely give me what i want is to just buy another 270. Sure its not a 970, but it will get the job done. My motherboard, however, only has one PCi-Ex16 slot. So I need a new one of those to fit a second GPU in CrossFire. I currently have Windows 8.1, and I was curious if I would need to buy a new copy. I really don't want to. I am keeping my entire current system, and only changing the motherboard

AMD A8-6600k
8gb (2x4gb) G.Skill Ripjawz
Club 3D R9 270
MSI A55M-E33
Raidmax 530w
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    No, if you install the new motherborad just do not reinstall your computer.
    Windows 8.1 works just fine with the old and new specs.

    Usually it is recommended to reinstall the computer but it is not nessecary, just make sure that you install all the drivers needed for the new parts. (usually comes with a CD)
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