Lost A LOT of space from my SSD after cloning from HDD

I've just upgraded my girlfriends laptop to an SSD, i bought her a 240gb sandisk, and cloned over the 150gb she had on her old hard drive. So everythings worked perfectly, apart from the SSD now claims it only has 166GB of storage in total.
There is also a recovery partition labeled drive D, which i think is part of the SSD, but that only totals 20GB,which means in total i am still missing about 50-60GB of storage. Do you think it could have been something to do with how the partitions were set up? I used Macrium Reflect to clone the HDD for your info.
Any help or advice you can offer would be great. Thanks alot.
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  1. Sounds like it took the initial 150GB partition and just moved the partition over at the same size. Go into disk management, and extend the (OS)partition
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    ... cloned over the 150gb ...

    Cloning, by definition, is an exact copy of the original. That's what you ended up with, an exact copy of the original partition.

    You need to be logged in as an administrative user and extend the existing partition to occupy the remainder of the SSD's unallocated space as @ss202sl described.
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