How do I get a partition table back on my new SSD drive that I damaged cloning Windows 7 to when I lost power?

I was copying from 32GB SSD back up I had cloned Windows 7 on after the updates onto a 64GB SSD drive. I was almost finished when I tripped on the power adapter cord and the battery is bad so everything came to a halt. I restarted HDClone 6 portable on the USB stick and it started fresh saying it would overwrite the disk. Towards the end errors started matching transfers and then I believe it started rewriting the error files and the drive reached capacity because then the numbers started skyrocketing out of control so fast I aborted by pushing the power button until it stopped because nothing else responded. Now it's not bootable due to a cyclical redundancy error, Windows repair disc is useless, when I can finally get it to show in Windows Disc Management on a Sabrent external cable it is inactive unallocated and unable to be activated due to an I/O error. Partition Magic portable CD says the partition table is missing and also says there is an I/O issue. I cleaned it with diskpart in a Windows 7 cmd screen which didn't help so now the Mini Tool Partition Wizard on my desktop says it's scanning 720575940379 sectors and so far it's over 55 million sectors scanned with only one lost partition found that starts at 0 LBA and ends at 720575940379 LBA. It also reports the partition having used space equal to the partition size as a negative number -5614572.00 ?????. So I'm thinking It's trashed and I should quit wasting time and just get another one.
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    Just start over.
    Does it boot from the original drive? If so, try the clone thing again [1]
    If not, a clean install of the OS [1]

    [1] Your original 32GB was was FAR too small for a typical OS drive, the new 64GB is marginally too small.
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