Black screen + no sound at random intervals while playing games

Hi guys,

I've had this problem for about two weeks now and it's seriously getting on my nerves. Started randomly, didn't update or touch anything prior to the problem

Whilst playing CS:GO, sometimes in 5 minutes, or in 20 minutes my pc will -

- Remain on but monitor goes black
- Lose sound
- Keyboard/ mouse lights are still on
- Have to reboot for it to work
- Fans are still running fine

I don't know much about computers and would prefer to refrain from buying anything new.

Specs -

CPU - AMD FX4100 Bulldozer @ 3.9ghz
Graphics Card - R9 270x
RAM - 8GB Corsair Dominator
OS - Windows 10
Mobo - Gigabyte 990FXA-D3
PSU - Asrock 700W ASC-700C

Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. Edit, computer just turns off now. Might also add that I have water cooling and PC sits at around 30c
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