Need to know good cooler in decent price range for - ASRock X99 Extreme4-LGA 2011-v3 + Intel i7 5820k processor

Hi Guys,

I have ASRock X99 Extreme4-LGA 2011-v3 motherboard along with a Intel i7-5820k processor. I will use the system only for application programming and running virtualisation software like Vmware etc. No games will be played in this system whatsoever. Can you guys tell me if I would require any cooler or a heat sink or both for this processor and motherboard? If yes, then could you suggest me a good option with decent price range.

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  1. What is your definition of a decent price?
    Here are two options: usually recommend the CRYORig H7 over this cooler, but evidently it does not fit the 2011v3 socket)
  2. By decent price I mean the price should be reasonable enough. I don't want to spend too much on it. The TDP (Thermal Design Power) of i7-5820k is 140 W. So I want an option which would atleast make the processor cool so that it does not get damaged.
  3. The EVO is rated up to 180w, as is the H5. Both will be sufficient to cool your processor. (I ran my EVO on my OCed chip, which was 125w out of the box, I had it at 1.565v however)
  4. Thanks for the solution. :) I will look into it.
  5. Just note that the suggested H5 would actually be quite a bit better suited to this platform. I've used a 212 Evo with my 5930K and it mirrors what I've read in various other testaments regarding the 5820K/5930K. It should handle it at stock clocks, though it'd be far from ideal if overclocking were in mind.

    Overall it's kind of like putting ketchup on steak. You're taking a high end enthusiast/production minded grade platform then slapping a budget cooler on it.
  6. ^
    I personally would recommend the NH-d14SE (the 2011v3 special edition)
  7. This is the best cooler I've ever seen with premium parts.
    If it's too large, the radiator also comes in 240mm and 120mm at a cheaper price :D
  8. I went the corsair h90 think this would work good?
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