Water Cooling Advice?

Hey guys.

I was looking at water cooling and was wondering if someone could make a water cooling kit. I have a

NZXT Phantom 820 case
Intel i5 4690K
Nvidia Geforce Gtx 970 Windforce 3+

I would like a triple 120mm radiator + fans (LED please) and i would like the loop to go through my cpu and gpu. As well can the reservoir please be in the drive bay (I have 3 spare slots). My theme is blue so if the fans can be blue as well as the pipe to be clear with a blue liquid

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  1. Seriously? :pfff:

    Would you like for us to dress you as well, feed and burp you too?
  2. Best answer
    I think there are a few of us here that would even be willing to order parts and build it if we were compensated for time and parts, but that doesn't change the issue at hand.

    You really need to have more understanding about what you actually need to do for sustainability and support of the loop. Watercooling looks great and is a wonderful conversation piece, but like a car, you need to do maintenance on it about once a year or so.

    Understanding what you are spending money on and owning goes a very long way in knowing why you have the parts you have and how to tear the system down, clean, fill, leak test and be back up and running.
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