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I got this board with a Phenom II X4 965 BE oc'ed to 3,8.
Now I ve obtained a X6 1090T BE that I want to OC a bit.

I am able to buy a dead Msi 970A-G46 for 10 euros so I can take that mosfet heatsink and put on my board.

Do you guys think that putting a mosfet heatsink from the G46 will fit and will improve how far or even if I can safely OC wit my new CPU?
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    It sure looks like it. Like a dead match. The only thing might be the physical location/spacing of the power transistors in relation to the thermal pads. But from the two boards pics side by side, it looks good. The 43 even has the heat sink mounting holes in the right spot. Probably the same board.
  2. Okay well, I buy it then and will post the result!
  3. Iwanator said:
    Okay well, I buy it then and will post the result!

    Sounds good. Don't forget, you can always buy individual heat sinks for the mosfets. Example:
  4. I have the same problem,did you fix it with that heatsink? Did it fit?
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