Windows 7 Pro PC with 2 drives in RAID1 slow and programs not responding after rebuild

I recently helped a client get back up and running after they did a system restore on an encrypted hard drive. Turned out he had (2) 500GB hard drive in RAID1. The fix was to attach the drives to a working machine via USB and decrypt each drive and then repair Windows. During decryption the PC used to decrypt scanned and removed some malware. This process worked and I was able to get the PC booting, however, the RAID1 had to be rebuilt from within Windows (possibly due to changes when the malware was removed). The PC was very slow to respond during the rebuild, which was expected. After rebuild the PC became more responsive, however, it is still slow. Browser takes 30 seconds to open, Outlook 2010 often goes into "not responding" and it just feels sluggish. Repair of Office 2010 seemed to help at first but then it still has issues. SFC.exe /scannow reports no integrity violations. The user swears the PC was running fine before all this.

I am having the PC imaged before I attempt any further fixes just in case something goes wrong. I am tempted to run CHKDSK but have read mixed reviews on whether this does anything positive or can actually damage the RAID again.

Looking for suggestions of why this might be happening and possible fixes?
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  1. If it were me, I'd just start over and reinstall everything from scratch, Then recover their critical data from whatever backup they have.
  2. That may be the way I end up going. If I do that I am not going to use RAID at all though as in this scenario it really isn't doing anything useful. I can use the second drive as a backup drive instead.
  3. Right. Often, attempting to ;fix things' takes far longer then just starting over. And may still have sub-optimal results.
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