Will this overclock be ok?

I have a Pentium G3258, and an ASUS B85M-G motherboard(i know it is a non-z).
will i run into any problems if i overclock the cpu, without changing the voltage, other that stability of the cpu. will the chipset get hotter, or work faster. Or will the temperature and speed of the chipset stay the same.

also does it matter if the motherboard only has 3 phases, since i wont be increasing the voltage.

also what voltage are people getting with a stock 4790/k or 4690/k, just curious
thanks in advanced ;)
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    You wouldn't and ideally the mobo should be able to dissipate heat effectively, however keep a good eye on the temps. If you overclock the cpu that too without affecting the baseclock then the chipset will have had hardly any impact on the speed but if you increase the cpu ratio along with BCLK ratio then the components on the mobo will run faster as well, however I never advise on increasing the bclk until you really know how to play with speed and settings of other components.

    Besides the power phases are made for extreme/high level overclocking. In your case you ain't planning extreme or high level overclocking.

    I got on 4.1 on my 4690K ;) but running at 4.6 on 1.23 stable...
  2. So as long as i dont change the BCLK then i should be fine. And i can change the multiplier, to say 42, and the chipset would hardly notice

    I just want to get th9s right so i dont kill another motherboard( which might not have been my fault )
    Thanks a lot
  3. you are going right however I wouldn't straight away jump to 42 on stock voltage, normally the way I work is increase the vcore to .5 and then the multiplier by 1 ghz ...
  4. I will try something lower first, like 35, it was just as an example :)
  5. Random_tech said:
    I will try something lower first, like 35, it was just as an example :)

    that sounds cool :)
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