I wiped my HDD, now my pc wont fully turn on, please help me!

So the other day i wiped my 1 terabyte seagate barracuda hard drive so that i could take the old windows 7 32 bit operating system off and replace it with the newer windows 10 64 bit and i used a guide on toms hardware here, it was the tutorial on how to wipe a hard drive. It work and everything but now when i turn my computer on, itll load up the windows sign as well as the spinning load sign thing; then the screen just goes black. What do i do to fix this? Im decently sure its not any of the hardware that's causing this problem. I did use a windows 10 64 bit CD that my friend had already used, i just skipped the activation code part and its fine like that because all it does is take away the ability to customize the background and stuff like that. Im pretty sure i did everything correctly when wiping the hard drive. the things i used was an 8gb PNY usb with RUFUS 2.1 and DBAN on it and they worked perfectly fine. It took about 9 hours to wipe the HDD and after that i switched the boot drive back to the hard drive and it worked but now i just can't get passed the loading sign section when i turn my PC on.
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    Hello, adza botchway!

    You should use a genuine Windows installation product in order for your system to work properly! Activating the OS would require you to have a genuine product key that hasn't been used on another computer and purchased from MS, for more details refer to Microsoft Software License Terms or contact their customer support!

    I'd still try the HDD in a different PC and see how it will appear there, though. You might also try using your HDD manufacturer's diagnostic tool for DOS to test it on your computer without booting into any OS, making sure it's not a hardware issue.

    Best of luck!
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