Another water cooling rad, setup/project, looking for some input

If this is too much reading and details here a TLDR:
I have an intel i7-4930k, and two evga gtx 780 ti cards that i wanna keep in separate loops, i will also be trying to overclock these to the best manageable point i can.
So would a 140mm rad suffice for each gpu and a 240mm rad for the cpu, or do i really need to bring more rads into the gpu loop(s)?

Now for the important details if you have the time:

So ive got a funky lil setup lets say its just two gtx 780 ti cards that are slightly OCed and in the near future are looking to get more "over-clocky" =)

Wondering what you guys think about how i should go about prioritizing my loop setups.

Running an i7-4930k with plans to slightly boost clock that or OC it at least a lil as well.

The idea is due to the limitations on budget, current waterblocks obtained, and water blocks even available to buy ive decided its best to keep both my gpus in their own separate loops. But if keeping them in a single loop would prove to be extremely beneficial over my current idea i could consider running these two different blocks together.

The idea was 2 intake swiftech h140x units mounted on the front of my phanteks evolv atx (not tp be confused with the matx) case. Each of these would support fully cooled cards with a single noctua industrialppf nf-14 (140mm) intake fan each, with another exhausting out the back with no rad. Then a swiftech 240x unit for the cpu exhausting out the top with another 2 noctuas. That would make up all the fans rads loops n all for the cases air flow. Not as much air as im used to but from what ive read is sufficient these days.

Now im having second thoughts as im reading recommendations of high end 360 rads for a pair of 780 ti cards in sli alone. I was also starting to see more and more comments regarding cpus heat levels not being quite as intense as they used to be leading to me thinking maybe just to use a h140x unit not a 280.

In total my options for the loops are as follows....
Keep in mind im looking to keep the cpu on its own loop, and i would prefer each gpu be in individual loops, but overall gpu cooling takes top priority.

I have...
2 swiftech h140x pump/res/rad combo units
1 swiftech h240x pump/res/rad combo unit
1 slim cross flow LPX360 extra slim radiator from mnpctech (dont be fooled by the slim size)
1 XSPC AX360 triple fan rad thats nearly impossible to fit into case with everything.
1 XSPC EX280 Rad
1 XSPC EX140 Rad

All in a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Case
Heres a pic of my case from my twitter (i hope linking that is okay) with just spare parts ive been using for eyeballing/sizing out how im gonna set it all up.

Im gonna be mounting everything out of the way in the case with some modding so the rads and fans have freedom to be mounted however i want.

Heres a photo of my current transition build to be moved into the new setup, you can see the black raqd in front is my cross flow rad, the 2 vid cards are not identical models so thats why i wanna separate them and why they might look odd. Currently goes gpu1, gpu2, 360 rad, h240x, back to gpu 1. Cpu is just h140x and back.

So do you guys think a 140 rad each is fine for these cards, should i carry over the 360 rad with the cards and put them in one loop? Maybe the 240 rad over the 360? Should i stick with the h240x on the cpu or use one one of the 140s?
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  1. In your efforts to make things simple and on a budget, you've actually gone the opposite route and made it more complex and more expensive.
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