Pwm 4 pin vs other fans?

So I understand that a pin fan can be plugged into the fan controller of my define r5. However I bought a corsair sp120 to replace the fan on my hyper 212 evo, and I don't understand installation of it. I have it on my cooler, but where do I plug it in. The mobo?
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    Your motherboard should have a pwm 4 pin to control the speed of the fan. You can do this that way, or you can plug into your fan controller if it has the right connectors.

    The choice is really up to you. If you like having the motherboard controlling it automatically, just plug it in there. If you are one that likes to control it yourself, then use the fan controller.
  2. But it's not a 4 pin fan.
  3. Nvr mind.
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