Which of these laptops for League of Legends (high res , 60fps average)?

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a device that will play LOL, SC2, and maybe a bit of GTA 5, during my holiday in Thailand next week. I will most likely get a good laptop when I start my new job next month, so this purchase will probably be a temporary purchase. If I got a tablet, however, I might hold on to it for a while. If one of these really outshines the others, please let me know, otherwise just recommend the best one:

1. HP Envy 1101tx ($265 USD, used)
4gb RAM
120gb SSD
ATI HD5830 discrete graphics (1gb RAM) (1920x1080 resolution)

2. Acer m3581GT ($398 USD, used)
6gb RAM
120gb SSD
Intel HD 3000 + Nvidia GeForce GT640M (dual graphics cards) (1366 x 768 resolution)

3. LG XnoteR560 ($229 USD, used)
Penryn P8700 (2.53GHz dual core / 3MB Cache) --> Aparently, the performance is similar to Gen1 i3 processors
3gb RAM
120gb SSD
GeForce G105 (512MB) discrete graphics (1600x900 resolution)
DVD R/W, and HDMI, SD card slots

4. Surface Pro 2
Intel HD graphics

5. Dell Venue 11 Pro
Intel HD graphics

I think #1 is the best bang for the buck deal, and it will probably handle any of the "low requirement" games I throw at it. What do you guys think? Should I just get a used Surface Pro 2 / Dell Venue 11 pro instead?
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    1# Or 2# i would pick 2#
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