Maximus VI Formula Dual Graphics Card + Additional Sound Card Question.

I'm planning on installing some Buttkicker for my Racing Sim Rig and using Sim Commander to control them. But I found out I need to install an additional soundcard for this to work. I already have a dual 780ti installed. Can I still install a soundcard on one of the x1 slots?
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  1. Yes, sound cards take advantage of PCIe x1 (the smaller port). As long as there is enough room, it should be able to fit.
  2. Even if I already have two graphics cards already installed?
  3. ljcool_17 said:
    Even if I already have two graphics cards already installed?

    Unless for some reason the graphics cards are in the PCIe x1 slot, than yes.
  4. It's not going to take up any additional PCie lanes? Coz as is the graphics cards are already taking up the whole x16 lanes.
  5. Here is what a sound card looks like:

    If you look at your motherboard, there should be a slammer PCIe slot that it'll fit into. As long as your graphics cards are not "spilling" into the PCIe x1 slot, they it should fit. They are almost paper thin compared to GPUs.
  6. No, what I meant was this. The CPU (4670K) only supports x16 PCIe lanes. The two graphics cards are sharing it (x8+x8) If I add a soundcard, will I go over the x16 PCIe lane limit? Not slots, lanes.
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