Which Monitor Is Better For Gaming?

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    Camzee said:

    I would go with the Benq one. It is a trusted company. Frankly I never heard of X star.
    The Benq one also has a response time of 2ms which is incredible. It will prevent ghosting a lot !!
    Go with the Benq
  2. What kind of gaming do you do?
    If you play fast action shooters, a fast tn monitor is good.
    That assumes you graphics card and cpu is capable of going past the normal 60fps.

    If you play sims, mmo, strategy games, then the better image quality of a IPS panel will be better.
    It is somewhat of a tradeoff.

    I have not heard of Xstar, but there are many Korean brands that give good value and quality.
    I think I would prefer to order from amazon or newegg in case I needed warranty help.
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