Cpu crashes while in oc mode,help!

So ive never overclocked anything before (same old story) and i got the msi z170a gaming pro mobo which has the game boost button that OCs my 4,00 ghz 6700k to 4,4 ghz. Thought since it came with the package it would be ok to enable it in the bios. Instead it kept crashing when i played bf4 on 1080p 200% resolution scale,essentially 4k... and i then tryed the 3dmark firestrike benchmark and it was going fine until the physics test and i know that Thats the test that benchmarks the cpu mostly. So i then downloaded the msi gaming app and set it to gaming mode instead of OC mode which turned the cpu down to 4,2 and it runs stable but it also turns down my gpu from 1279 mhz to 1228 and i know my gpu can handle way more. So i guess id like some step by step guidance on manually overclocking the gpu and cpu because the preset settings that click bios 5 offers isnt working.
Do i add voltage to the cpu or should i just leave it alone or what? a 6700k should handle more... and what about the gpu?
My specs are as follows... z170a gaming pro mobo with click bios 5,gtx 980ti msi twin frozr,ddr4 2400mhz corsair vengeance ram (4x4gb),Corsair RM1000w psu a 6700k 4ghz cpu with a v8 gts aircooled cpu fan. Im very new at this so any help is appreciated,thankyou :)
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  1. Update: So turns out that it might have been that pesky msi gaming app that was screwing everything up
    because i uninstalled it and set the cpu multiplyer to 4,4 and it passed the 3dmark phisycs test.
    So i kept adding and im upto 4,7 now.
    My question is,is it safe to just add to the multiplyer like this? is it normal for modern mobos to make this so easy? i mean i did not see any option to add voltage or anything like that...
    I just added the base clock and something called the ring ratio. No idea what that is... but i made both equal 47.
    Am i about to burn my pc down? Please help :P
  2. How are your CPU temps at idle and under a normal load? And yes, that's a good OC and OCing isn't all that hard. A lot depends on your CPU, many will OC easily to 4.5 - 4.7 then you sort of hit a wall and going higher requires more in depth adjustments ;)
  3. The temps are fine for the cpu,like atound 70+ but currently im having trouble with my msi 980ti twin frozr... it nly boosts to 1339 but still freezes in bf4 after a few minutes and i have to manually shut down the pc. I dont get it... the temps are fine on that aswell but it still freezes. I mean its got two damn fans on it :D i guess il just try and take it down by 10 mhz and keep going until its stable? im starting to think that my card is a crappy overclocker or is over 1300mhz considered a good oc?
  4. All Gpus, just like CPUs will hit their individual wall, some chips can OC much better than others of the same model
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