Laptop is dead- possible short circuit .Help!

I have a laptop from a friend that won´t turn on. Completly dead.A few months ago i switched the power jack, because of a broken inside pin. Now i dissassemble the board,check all soldering and all semms normal. Check condutivity with multimeter ,and was ok. Check power suplly,and was correct(18,5v). But when i plug the power suplly and check for voltage,in the back of the power plug or in the reverse side of the board, it oscilates between 13 and 15v. In other searches, someone told me that was a short circuit at motherboard, and that oscilation was the way power suplly protects itself.

Someone with more experience, have any idea?

Updating the post: I dissassemble the laptop again(a Asus x200 ca) check again for some kind of corrosion,or burn,whatsoever that seems anormal, but found nothing. The board and the componentes are so small , that even with a magnifying glass and direct light, i can´t spot anything. I made the solder of the power jack again,and nothing. It seems that the voltage only reaches until the "chips" near power jack(and oscliating between 13 and 16v), and after that is zero. In baterry conection, only reaches 1,1v.
One clue i have is some kind of traces of a spilled liquid ,that seems milk, inside the bottom chassie,but in the way of liquid ,the board hasn´t any trace of corrosion or whatsoever.
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  1. Try to use the laptop with the battery out and the charger plugged in.
    Do you get any lights on the charging LED on the laptop?

    If you do not, try a new charger, if that does not work you probably have a faulted port on your laptop.
  2. I already tray to use the laptop without battery,forgot to mention that.NOthing No leds of any kind. The charger seems ok, by the test with multimeter i made.
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    Try a new charger.
  4. Why sometimes we have to go to the hard and long way, when the answer to the problem is so obvious and simple: It was the f***in CHARGER !
    Last night, i thought:well,lets try again with my universal charger, that i already had tested with NO results. And bingo!, the laptop turns on,fully charges the battery and its working. I let the laptop charging all night, and this morning i try the 2 chargers. The universal is working well,and the original dont give any signal. I think problem solved. Thanks everybody who helped.
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