curious mobo shorting out? case?

hello guys i had a very weird problem with my mobo recently . i wanted to clean my pc so i took out the ram modules and clean the slots with compresed air and stuff then when i sitted them again my mobo wouldnt even turn on so i was shocked and ready to cry like a sissy first i thought it waS THE PSU but i tried the psu on my brothers old pc and it worked so it was something with the mobo so i took the mobo out put in my desk and grounded myself and i put all the required components to see if it even boots it worked very well so i put it back to my case i screw it with my screwdriver and then it worked fine but ti wouldnt read my memory then so i took it out again put the ram in while the mobo was out of the case and then it worked and read my ram all fine so what the heck is going on? is the mobo faulty? but its working very well outside the pc case or is it the pc case?
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    First of all, why are you spraying compressed air directly into your ram dimms, this is going to cause problems....

    Anyway, check the stand off screws are installed correctly, the motherboard may be touching the case directly which is causing it to short out.
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