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Hi guys, I'm planning on building my first completely diy pc, but I'm a little confused about the fans and how they connect to the rest of the system. I'll be using a Thermaltake Core V71 case, which comes with 2 front intake fans, a single top exhaust fan, and the back exhaust fan. I want to add a second top fan and two bottom intake fans. I imagine I need to use some sort of power splitter connected to either the motherboard fan headers or the molex connecters on the psu, but I'm kinda confused. What would be the best way to add and connect all of these fans to the specific motherboard and/or psu?

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    After you add three more fans, your PC has 7 fans, and the case comes with the fan controller, you can connect 3 fans on it. And your MB has 4 x fan headers + two for cpu fan. You can plug the fan individually into the MB fan header.

    Also you can use the fan y splitter for the 120mm fan only, because the 120mm fan spec is labeled 0.3A on it ( enlarge the picture from the newegg site), the fan header usually can output 1Amp or 12W, you don't want to overload the fan header, because you can kill it. Keep in mind you don't want to use the 2x 200mm one with y splitter, because the 200mm one can draw up to 0.42A ( same enlarge the picture from the picture), 0.84 will be too closed to 1Amp, I don't recommend to try. Or connect it to the molex of the PSU to run full speed.
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