My computer fell off my desk and now is running worse (obviously, thank god it even works), more inside

As I was getting up out of my desk, I tripped over my headset cables, and took the computer down with me. The only thing we noticed was a disconnected GPU cable. We reconnected it, good to go. The only thing I noticed was it was a little bit louder, maybe, I couldn't really tell . When I begun to play league, my fps displayed as around 110, where I usually get 400, however I was definitely getting sub-60 fps, with very frequent drops, and I was even played on the lowest settings. Im not sure if this is GPU problems or CPU problems, but I will take any suggestions you can give that aren't replacing it. I have a MSI GTX 970 and a i5 4690k. Any suggestions? I have tried re-seating the card and it helped a small amount.
Here is my entire spec list:
GPU Stress Test with no anti-aliasing:, is a mediafire link to a zip file of my HWMonitor reports, while and while not gaming (max settings in a bot game of League of Legends, also at the beginning of the game when no abilities were being used and minions had not spawned, so not too intensive, I was getting around 250 fps, when I made thread I was getting around 150).
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  1. Make sure your cpu heatsink is still attached properly if a pin came loose on the cooler it could make the CPU throttle for heat. Only part that really hates drops is the hard drive but it most likely wouldn't cause fps drops or stuttering. Also ensure your memory is seated properly
  2. Maybe its worth running a hard drive test on the disk drive.
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