No Beep, No Post, USB Ports Not working. Broken Mobo?

Hi, I start up my PC and then I get no signal. My Keyboard is RGB and never lights up besides when I plug in my keyboard and it has like a blink of white but thats it No USB port is working. I get no beep codes. My CPU fan is working and so is another fan thats plugged into the mobo. I took the pc apart and rebuilt it and still got nothing. I took the battery out and reset the cmos.. No change. Any help? Thanks!
(Randomly happened out of no where one day it was working, the next day it wasnt. Dont want to spend 300$ for new cpu and mobo.
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    Yeah, I've had this problem before. (Pretty much the same issue).

    Your motherboard is most likely dead or is dying, if you're saying that your USB ports aren't working properly then it means that the motherboard is not sending adequate amounts of electricity to the different parts in your PC and so the computer just doesn't work.


    Get a new motherboard and stop fiddling with it before you break your other components and / or your keyboard and other peripherals!

    Hope I helped :)

    Any more questions then ask here or contact me privately!


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