My HP Laserjet 6P won't work withWin 10. USB driver isn't installed. I've been unable to find one at the HP site. Is there

HP laserjet 6p on Win 10. USB support needed
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    Network printing for this printer is built into win10. Unfortunately there is no USB printing solution.
  2. Not true. I got it working, but it's annoying. Go to "add printer" and manually search the printer from a list of manufacturers and devices. If you search that list in the device manager probably won't find it.
    For me it didn't work instantly, but after I tried other stuff to make it work. Sorry that I can't be more specific, but I tried a lot and can't remember every detail.
    BUT I try to get the driver file, so that in the future one can just run it and be done.
    I posted the question here:
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