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Hi guys. Im thinking about gpu upgrade. Right now i have msi r9 270x hawk and im thinking about buying sapphires nitro r9 380. So i wanted to know is this is a wise thing to do ? Or there are better gpus in the market in price range about 270euro.?
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    I would save up a little bit more money. The r9 380 IS AN UPGRADE, however the price you pay is not worth it. You'll get just a little bump in performance.
    It's better to go jump up to say an r9 390 or r9 290/GTX 970. You will get your money's worth.

    Also you can wait for r9 380x to release and see how that performs ;) It most likely won''t be a bigger upgrade than say to a 390, but perhaps when it launches it will be a huge success.

    -good luck
    Also if you're not getting the performance you want in games you can try to overclock a little bit. I would not reccomend a large overclock with over-volting if you have no experience with it. A small overclock could net 1-4fps, depending on your situation.
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