Looking at getting a new graphic card, need help

About 3 years ago a bought an Asus desktop pc (M11BB-US012S is the exact model) and I've been looking at slowly upgrading components. Since the current graphics card is integrated, that's the first area i'm looking at. However, i'm not the most tech savvy and i don't know the exact prerequisites to getting a new graphics card (being compatible with motherboard, power supply, etc) so i was wondering if some one could help me out.
Current system specs:
Processor: AMD A8-6500 (3.50GHz)
RAM: 10GB (it came with 6GB and I added more)
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8570D
Motherboard: F2A55-M/M11BB/DP_MB
OS: Windows 10 x64
(If anything is missing refer to this :

I use the pc for video games (mostly cs:go, league, random steam games)
Budget: 150$-200$

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  1. Will prob need a new PSU also to meet needs of the GPU you choose, doubt this rig has more than a 350 or 400 at best in it - should be a label on the PSU telling specs would want how many watts and AMPs on the 12 volt rail
  2. So then how would i go about getting picking a psu?
  3. Try and secide on a GPU you like and can offer suggestions
  4. How about the Radeon R7 260X? and the stock pcu is Acbel so i'm assuming its trash anyways
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    Should be OK
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