Sata 2 old hdd not showing up plz help ?

i am having some weird problems with my old hdd it does not get neither in the bios nor in the windows device manager , it only shows up in the bios only when i power on after shutting down but when pc loads up i can only see my ssd not the old hdd , what is the exact issue is it my mobo or hdd
my pc specs are
i5 4590 , Asus B85M gamer , 8 gb ddr3 ram , 270 gpu and tt smart se 530w psu
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  1. Check your motherboard support online for any BIOS updates and check for SATA controller updates for the SATA controller updates as well. If you've got a spare SATA cable sitting around, swap it out for the HDD.
  2. Do you hear a knock or ticking sound from the drive? If so, the moving parts of the drive sounds to be going bad. If no noise is heard, its very possible the motherboard on the hard drive is having issues. This wont produce a sound but will cause issues being recognized in the bios.

    Do you have another mechanical drive you can install to test your motherboards capability to detect a working drive? That will help eliminate the motherboard being the issue.

    If you can get your hands on another identical hard drive that works, you can move the board off of the base of the working drive to your drive and get it to working again.

    I could be wrong on this but I very well could be right.

    Good luck!!
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    Hi there englandr753,

    Is the drive recognized by Disk Management? You can try something simple as just attaching the HDD with different cables(both SATA and power ones). It would be best if you can attach it to another system. If the issue persists and the drive is recognized by Disk Management, you can use some HDD testing tool: If the drive is recognized only by BIOS, you can use some HDD testing tool for DOS.

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