Surge Protectors and Batteries? VA vs Watts?

I was researching a little about getting an UPS that protects my system and give me battery life for my new 800 watts psu computer. So what should i get? VA? And do i need higher wattage than my psu watts to work at full? I was thinking on getting a cyberpower 1500 va 900 watts ups but 160 is kinda too much?
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  1. Although your power supply could supply UP TO 800W it is unlikely that you are using that much. Check with one of the power supply estimator websites. Your actual usage is probably 300 to 400W.
    A more expensive UPS will give you more run-time on battery and will have a USB interface to signal the computer to cleanly shutdown before the battery is exhausted. Just like power supplies, UPS is not a good place to "cheap out".
  2. Thanks good overview. So what is VA?
    And plannin to buy this UPS: Sentey Mbp750-hm

    And this UPS: CyberPower AVR Series CP1500AVRT 1500VA 900
  3. VA is volts x amps (volt amps). In this case with 120VAC the UPS will draw about 12 amps.
  4. So? I should get a lower VA UPs with 700 or more watts?
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    I am not a believer in cheaping out on a UPS. A larger UPS gives you more run time. Instead of 1 - 5 min, you get 10 to 15. That is plenty of time to choose to shutdown. It also gives margin for your monitor and maybe network hardware.
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