Had to replace a cmos battery in laptop, sepearted the screws but dont rem what part they went in?

I took apart a laptop to replace the internal cmos battery, so I have several groups of small screws and im not sure what part they will go in. Any suggestions? It looks like a lot would fit in to slot not meant for it.
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  1. group them. what do you have? 4 of one type, 5 of another, 3 of something else, etc? how many holes to put the main back cover in place? look at where that would fit and test fit a screw until you match one. now put all of those aside. next piece and remaining screws - what has the most holes? repeat!
  2. If in doubt, then:

    a) If screw goes in too easy or drops in that's the wrong screw.

    b) If screw feels too tight it's probably the wrong thread so you will damage the screw and/or what it's threading into.
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    so, use a nail gun!
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