Computer shuts down during gaming

I recently purchased an r7 250 so I could run it in dual graphics with my a10-7850k, but whenever I play a game (alien isolation) for about 5 or 10 minutes the computer shuts off, leaving me with a black screen. I am running my gpu and cpu at stock speed and my CPU temps are well below 50 degrees while playing. I am using a cooler master hyper t4 cooler. I am also using a corsair 500w power supply (CX500M).
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  1. It sounds like either heat (which from your description, you've covered off) or PSU.

    Corsair's CX line isn't very good at all.......Tier 4 (

    I think, unfortunately, you'll need to replace your PSU. The GPU has increased your wattage, and the PSU can;'t provide adequate levels/consistency (despite Corsair's claims).
  2. Probably the psu. The CXs are notorious for this issue. See about 1 a day on this forum with the same symptoms. The CX uses cheap secondary caps when they start to go the system will shut down under load and it usually progresses to random shutdowns then it just won't turn on at all.
  3. Here's a good replacement that's on sale.
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