windows startup reset loop while bios and hard drive work on different setup

I have changed my motherboard and my cpu and kept the same hard drive. However, when i start the computer i can get to bios but if i try running windows 7 64bit, after 1 second of loading, the computer resets and loops in. The hard drives work on another setup and the bios works so i think the CPU is the problem. Does anyone have an idea on what i could do?
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  1. you cant just use the old os install with new will have to do a clean install of windows.
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    The problem is windows was installed on different hardware and you can't just put it in another system and expect it to work, most times it requires and clean reinstall to work properly. If the version of windows is OEM you'll also need to buy as new license as the old one is tied to the previous motherboard.
  3. thank you for the quick responses
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