Games stuttering after psu swap

So recently I switched my Antec psu out for a Zalman one but after doing this my games started to stutter and my sound was getting distorted about 2 minutes into games. So I switched back to the Antec psu and the problem was still there. The antec is 900w and the Zalman is 1050w. I a running windows 8.1 pro and my specs are below. Please help.

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 (Haswell)
MotherBoard: MSI G-45 Gaming Z87
GPU: GTX 980 Asus
RAM: 8GB Kingston HyperX Beast 2400Mhz
SSD: Samsung 512GB EVO Pro (os is on this)
PSU: 900w Antec
Cooling: Corsair H80i
Case: Corsair 300R Carbide Series
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    Try this. Install ddu and select nvidia. Then select clean and shutdown (for new graphics card). Take the gpu out of the pci slot and make sure it's clean. Place it back in and boot the pc. Go to nvidia's website and make sure you download a fresh set of the latest drivers available. Then install. Should be working now.
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