Help! HDD not showing up in the "My computer Tab"

So I booted from a usb in the BIOS and transferred all that to an SSD to make that have my OS, but I go into My computer and it doesn't show up in the devices.
I've done the disk management process where you format the HDD and now it's a Healthy (partition) and my SSD is A healthy ( Boot, Page FIle, Crash Dump, Primary Paritition)

How do i fix this?

And how do I make it so things go to my HDD?
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    Try this:
    1- open disk management as u did last time
    2- right click ur new parition (the healthy one u talked about).
    3- choose "change drive letters and path"
    4- If it doesn't have a letter, click on "add", then assign a letter (F:\ for example)... then click OK and check it in my computer.
    Step by step with pictures: Windows 7: Drive Letter - Add, Change, or Remove in Windows
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