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I just got a gtx 960, and when i start the pc the fans start to spin for about 15 seconds then slowly go off. i notice that the cpu fan as well is just a little weak when it goes on. I'm not sure if the card its self isnt getting enough power or what. I tryed my brothers gtx 750 ti and both fans were spinning great. the gtx 960 is new. Not sure if its an issue with the psu or not, i just built the pc please help! haha
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  1. not sure of your specific 960 but some have new smart cooling that the fans won't turn on by default until the card hits 60c.
    This would be like evgas acx cooling. As I said though not sure with out knowing you specific manufacturer and model. You could dl afterburner and try a custom fan profile if you would like them to turn on sooner or just to test them.
  2. where could i get that from to start the fans sooner, they turn on when i boot up the computer but stop after 10-15 seconds if thats normal. and i have the geforce evga gtx 960 acx 2.0
  3. You can go to the tool i was talking about is msi afterburner it is for over clocking and monitoring your gpu doesn't matter who makes it.
    I think the start stop supposed to clear dust sort of a self clean check.
    EVGA also has a tool for this but most recomend after burner.
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