PC good enough to run Farcry 4,GTA V,Witcher 3 and Fifa 16

Hi,i was wondering if my 2 year old PC can still run modern 2015 games.It ran smooth on a lot of games that I played before with every graphical features on ultra maintaining above 60 fps in games.Heres my specs:

i5 3570k
8gb 2200 mhz ram
Gigabyte Windforce GTX 770 2gb
Asus Z77 M Pro
Thermaltake 630 watt
LG 24 inch Full HD 3D LED Monitor
Windows 10 64 bit

Note: I update all my drivers and do regular cleaning and maintenance to the pc.I will keep my pc until next year to upgrade to a new Intel Skylake which i'm interested in.Thanks
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  1. With a 3570K processor their no reason to upgrade to Skylake!!!!!! (just overclock your processor a bit) If your going to spend money spend it on a higher end video card and probably replace the power supply most of that brand are low quality.
    Your not going to run Witcher 3 on ultra with hairworks turned on with anything really, Your PC will run every game out just fine you really need to get over the ultra setting it's more just for kids to brag about.
    You could come to my house and I run about 10 different games on Ultra and high any you would not be able to say what was what in almost all of them.
  2. I was thinking about it more clearly if I should upgrade but I think this processor still has power so maybe I should upgrade the ram to 16gb and upgrade the GTX 770 to a GTX 980Ti or Titan X.
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    You should also upgrade that PSU. Thermaltake's SMart 630P is a horrible power supply. (Tier 4)

    If your budget can't hold both 980TI and new psu, then take 980 and the new psu. Something like Seasonic or XFX 650W
  4. Actually I forgot to mention that I had a previous PSU which was the XFX 650 watt Pro Series and it blew up a few months ago which I didn't know what was the cause so I had to replace it temporarily with the Thermaltake PSU in the mean time has I had to have my PC up and running,but it had good reviews too considering its a Bronze efficiency.
  5. Change the graphic card and cpu.Change cpu to i7.Gtx 960,970 and 980 will fit for you.Try lower some settings like shadow in games.I always use medium or low in shadow.With advanced graphic settings,8gb of ram,gtx 960-980 and i7 cpu will save most of your money.Try using 900p screen.So,you can play games in lower resolution with full screen.That screen will save your performance.
  6. Thanks for the advice.
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