[OC] Pc turns on and off before boot up! CPU getting old?

some weeks ago I've noticed that my computer suddenly turns on and off in 2-3 seconds intervals when I hit the power button after coming home from work. Solution to this was to turn my PSU off, wait 10 secs and to turn it on again. Besides this odd behaviour I never had any issues once the OS was running for about two weeks until last weekend..

Saturday, my pc suddenly shut down while I was playing a video game but the PC restarted successfully and without any issues until today. Today, the PC shut down while I watched a video. After that I started to realize that something must be seriously wrong with my PC and I began to troubleshoot.

After a couple of hours it turned out that my PC seems to work fine as long as I overclock the CPU to 3.2ghz instead of my old overclock setting which I ran for years without any issues at all!
I bought my CPU (i7-870) probably 5, maybe 4, years ago and always ran it at 3.5ghz. Stock speed is 2.93ghz.

My question is,
is what I wrote plausible and common CPU behaviour? Will you have to lower clock rates the older a cpu becomes or is something else causing my problem?

CPU stats:

This guy explains my problem fairly well:

I'm not a native english speaker, hence I apologize for any inconveniences! :)
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  1. Did you up your voltages when you OC'd? Assuming the CPU is still good, I'm wondering if your PSU could be dying on you.
  2. Instability may be the PSU failing, or capacitors/VRM's on the motherboard getting old.
  3. Since reducing the OC solves your problem, you are good.

    The start and stop cycle is the motherboard trying to find a set of settings that will work.
    As to why this should have changed, I can only speculate.
    Perhaps the motherboard power capacitors have aged and are not as effective as when new.
  4. From the ark.intel.com link that you posted:

    Processor Base Frequency 2.93 GHz
    Max Turbo Frequency 3.6 GHz

    Have you enabled the "Turbo Frequency"? Might be simpler than OC'ing.

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