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So, recently I have had some issues with my computers speed, getting small jolts of lag here and there while playing games or doing anything really. I looked over everything and ran scans for viruses, etc.
I thought there may of been a problem with the RAM, so I swapped the sticks over to another slot, which made it very slow, so I swapped them back. I went back to the usual speed, but I heard a clicking noise coming from the computer every few seconds, repetitively.
Then the computer shut off instantly after about 10 minutes, I tried turning it back on, it started booting up, but just shut off again after a few seconds, tried again, same result.
I left it alone for a while and it worked again, but ended up doing the same thing again.
This is a new computer, about 6 months old.
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    Sounds like the psu.If you can test with another one do,if not would i try an rma.

    Does the pc start only working on the igp? Means taking the r9 290X out and connecting the monitor to the motherboard.
  2. its all good now, turns out a cord was stuck on the CPU fan making it overheat.
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