Choosing motherboard for AMD FX-8350

My specs are :
CPU : FX8350 @4GHz Stock
Motherboard : Asrock 990FX Extreme3
RAM : Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB @1600MHz
GPU : Gainward GTX 7602GB
CPU Cooler : CoolerMaster Seidon 120V (Version 1)
PSU : Corsair VS650

Let me describe the problem(s) i have on my computer right now.
When i stress the cpu (prime95 or a heavy game ), the CPU throttles and downclocks to 1.3GHz and it keeps doing it all the time.I read on many websites the fault is on the poor power phase design of the motherboard. 4+1 power phase design. In asrock's website it mentions for my cpu to install top down cpu cooler but i dont think it will work... and it mentions it too on asrock 990fx extreme6 with 8+2 power phase design.... so guys what is actually the problem ??? should i buy a new motherboard? i am looking at gigabyte 970A-UD3P with 8+2 power phase design. The cpu works fine on high load only if i blow cold air on the spot i have marked on the photo...
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  1. Sounds like the CPU is overheating and throttling to cool itself off. What do your cpu temps reach before it starts to downclock?

    The spot you are pointing to is the VRM's but they shouldn't be getting very hot at stock clocks.
  2. When the cpu downclocks the temp is 55 - 56C. Thats not normal ! i dont see any cpu overheating.... the cpu on idle now is 40C but ok i now whats the problem. The real problem is why this throttling happens. As i mentioned it only works fine if i blow cold air on the spot i marked on the photo :/
  3. Well that board is plenty capable of handling a fx 8350 at stock clocks. There are many reviews online of people with this board and and 8350 that have no problems at all. Im not really to sure what could be causing this, how old is this board? Has it always done this? It sounds like the VRM's are overheating but that should not happen at stock clocks. Did you use some kind of auto overclock feature on your motherboard? The only thing I can think of is that the voltage for something is way higher than it should be and is causing the VRM's to overheat, but I think that would also cause the cpu to overheat but its not. So im not really sure what could be causing this, sorry to say.
  4. Here is a screenshot at the moment it downclocks...
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