My 1 yr old Portable HDD Cannot Be Detected by My Computer, says "You Must Initialise"

My HDD is Western Digital 1 TB

My brother used the HDD in someone else computer, and thats when it stopped "functioning"

Brining it back home, i put it in my PC. It cannot be detected by My Computer

The LED Light is blinking, and i can feel the vibration of the HDD

Here are the screen shots of Device Manager and diskmgmt.msc

What can i do about it ?

There is nearly 900GB of Family photos and pictures with lots and lots of important stuffs. I cant lose this HDD, its too important. I have no backup of the files. Its a DO or DIE situation i NEED those files back..
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  1. Looks like this drive was wiped clean already and needs to be sit up.
  2. Hey there, mikael_schiffer!

    I'm sorry to hear about your issues with the WD Elements external drive and I'm sorry to hear about your data as well. :( I'd recommend you to try uninstalling the HDD as a device from Device Manager ( ) and see if that will get the drive properly detected when it reinstalls after the reboot.
    I'd also strongly recommend you to test the drive's health and SMART status by running the quick and extended tests from the WD's Data LifeGuard Diagnostic tool. Here's a link to it:

    You could also try using third-party data recovery tools (at your own risk) but I'd first check the heath of the drive. If the data is really important to you, it's best to turn to a professional data recovery company right away. You can find WD's Data Recovery Partners here as well:

    Hope it helps. Keep me posted!
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