How do I tell which USB ports are 3.0 and which are 2.0 (aside from the colour of the port)?

I have a PC that is built partly by me and partly by the company where I bought the company. It has a couple of USB ports on the back which come directly from the motherboard, so the USB ports are correctly coloured blue for 3.0 and black for 2.0.

However, the particular case I use (Sharkoon Rex3 Value) has some usb ports on the front, which were all installed by the company where I bought the components. There are 2 blue 3.0 ports on top of the case, which are not connected.

Then there are 4 black ports on the front, which seem to be 2.0, but when I tried to connect an older USB device to one of them, it said that said device was probably too old to be connected to a 3.0 port. Is it possible that these ports that actually look like 2.0 ports, are actually 3.0 ports? And if so, how can I tell which ones are and which ones aren't?
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    You can follow the cables internally, 3.0 connectors have twice as many pins compared to 2.0
  2. If you know where the ports are plugged in on the motherboard, the physical connectors are different for usb 2 and usb 3.0
    3.0 has a large rectangular connector whereas 2.0 has a more squarish smaller connector with fewer pins.

    USB 3.0 connector:
    USB 2.0 connector:
  3. Cheers guys, that cleared things up, they seem to be 2.0.

    Slightly confused by that message I got though, telling me the connected device (it's about and old iPhone) might not work properly with a 3.0 Port.
  4. It is likely a generic message.
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