Connecting PSU with 2x6-pin to GPU with 2x 8pin connector

Hey guys,

I just bought a new graphics card, Sapphire r9 390 Nitro, which requires 2x 8pin connectors.
My PSU only has 2x6pin connector easily available, is it possible and safe to get some adapters for those?

It also has 1x 8pin but that's on the same line as a 4pin which I had to connect to the motherboard so that cannot really reach the GPU.

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  1. what is the power supply?
  2. It's a 500W High Power PSU.
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    No, don't even consider it, 500Watts would be really pushing it for a A+ top-of-the line power supply, which your system doesn't have.
    Do not try to connect up the R9 nitro until you have a power supply that can handle it.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. What kind of power supply would you recommend?
  6. EVGA Supernova 650 watt NEX650G Other EVGA power supplies, XFX or seasonic, or corsair, but not CX series. 650 watts is a good idea.
  7. I did some research and ended up ordering a Corsair RM750i yesterday.
    I kinda knew that it would be about time to replace the PSU as well but was on the fence about it, thanks to both of you for pushing me in the right direction.
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