Will my PSU Sentey ERP 750 W bear a XFX R9 390 + rest of system having 3 years of use?

Hello people , i have a Sentey ERP 750 W PSU , and im planning to buy a xfx r9 390

My entire systems is as follows :

i5 4690
HD 7850

I've read an article saying that the R9 390 needs to have a maximum combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 42 Amps or greater, and i checked in the psu box it says it has 55 amp ( brand new ) .
So my question is basicly , do you think i will have any problems having in mind my psu has 3 years of use ? i mean is the psu expended and half wasted so it perhaps wont reach 42 needed Amperes or sufficient quality for the whole system?
And if i mentioned is not a problem at all , then is there a chance this power hungry card reaches 400 - 500 watts power consuption ( Without Overclocking i dont plan to ever do that ) causing to burn the psu ? Because i saw in a place this card reached like 400 watts in a stress test

Thanks in advance guys
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    well from the things I have read, sentry makes acceptable power supplies, so running an R9 390 on there should be no issue. I would be surprised if the power supply has lost any ability in just three years.
  2. The short answer is you should be fine. I wouldn't worry about it, even if it is 3 years old.
  3. Thanks guys now im more tranquilized !
  4. Sentey has only one or two models, ever, of power supplies that are worthwhile. The rest are all pretty much sub-standard. Check the reviews.

    It's a rather old Super Flower design with group regulation, from the days Super Flower wasn't that good. It has CapXon capacitors, and it is a 500/520W PSU according to the PCB markings.

    Internal en external pictures can be found here:

    Personally, I think using it with your R9 390 is a risk and likely to result in problems.
  5. Hey darkbreeze in fact now im having some problems now with it :/ (xfx r9 390) Anyways i boot the pc with all connected power cables and pci , and it does not show any display the monitor keeps blinking the red no display light , even when i switch the vga cable to the mobo the monitor doesnt respond , but nevertheless the pc stays running for as much as i want and there s no smell of anything overheated or burnt and also in my psu box it says the 12 v rail reaches 55 amp , do you think the psu could be the problem or something else
  6. Forgot to mention my monitor is vga but i use a 24+1 pin dvi adaptor
  7. Are you using multiple monitors? Are you using the DVI-I or DVI-D? Is your DVI adapter an "active" or "passive" adapter? Were the GPU card drivers recently updated by you, or by windows? Do you have a display before POST completes and lose display when windows tries to start loading, or is there no display at all, from the moment you power up on?

    I'd say the chances are pretty good it's either the power supply or the drivers. There is always a small chance that the card has failed as well, likely due to the use of a unit with poor noise and ripple suppression, and possibly poor voltage regulation as well, but that is a rather small probability. It could also be related to the adapter or possibly have just been a bad card but the chances of it being PSU or driver related are much more likely.

    If you DO have a display prior to Windows beginning to load drivers after the POST process, then I'd try getting into Safe mode to see if you are able to display on screen using minimal drivers.

    Did you previously have it working with this configuration, including the adapter and all the other current hardware, or no?
  8. Its solved guys it was the least suspected factor the dvi to vga adaptor , unbelivable ! It was the correct adaptor but not compatible , thx all your the support
  9. Hence, why I was asking about the adapter.
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