i purchased this card back in 17/09/2014 and it's been working flawlessly so far

Suddenly about 1 week ago it stopped displaying. It will just display a black screen and I believe it is a problem with the Nvidia driver

If the driver isn't installed the card will still turn on normal, just won't be utilised however after i install the driver it will instantly turn black.

While booting it will display BIOS - > Windows Loading - > then black screen

I've tested it on many different computers the results are the same, i'm not sure if it's bad card or if it's driver issuse please help

The card have never been overlocked and has no heat issues. I have a 1000w psu so that's not the issue nor is the motherboard because the other cards work fine.

Any way to fix the problem? or just RMA it? thanks for helping!
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  1. Sounds driver related so far...What are your system specifications? Also, are you using the latest (maybe BETA) driver? Have you tried an older driver?
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