What an Average FPS I can Get?

My Specs:
Intel I7 2700K
8GB Ram
Last but not least: Gigabyte Nvidia GT 610 1GB DDR3
Using the Lowest Settings in say GTA V or BattleField
What FPS will i be expecting?
Or Will I Even be able to run those games at all?

I Do plan on getting an R7 260X Which is better i think?
what do you think?
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    Very low, maybe 10-15....20 if you are REALLY lucky. That video card is a big bottleneck. The R7 260x is a great improvement and will get you decent framerates at medium settings.
  2. Definitely not much. Maybe you could get them playable with the lowest possible settings but it still wouldn't be great. Not only is your card a few generations old, it's the second to lowest end card of that generation. As long as you're not playing at really high resolutions where the memory would come into play, you can still get away with an older card though. I have 2 GTX 660 TI's in SLI & a 4790k and have no problems running anything at 1680x1050 & 1920x1080.
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