How to connect multiple (5) HDD to an external powered USB hub

I have 5 external hard drives (ranging from 1TB-3TB) and want to connect them all to an external USB hub. I have purchased a 7 port USB 3.0 hub with its own power source, but I am unable to get a stable connection of all hard drives, at the same time. All these drives have their own power source, but sometimes all 5 drives connect.. sometimes only 2 or 3, It's never consistant. Do I need a specific USB hub to make sure I have a stable connection for all my drives all the time ?
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  1. If a drive comes with a power adapter then 99% of the time it needs it, no matter whether you use USB 3.0 or not. A USB (2 or 3) port cannot provide stable power for the drive.
  2. what Mattios said. You should look into a DAS (direct access Storage), think NAS without any Raid setup. Saves on having a number of wall warts and a USB hub. All drives go into one cabinet
  3. Welcome to the community, yobydnub!

    Sometimes, you might not be able to detect them altogether at the same because of a signature collision as well. Every hard drive is given a unique signature in the partition sector. However, there are rare cases when two HDDs have the same signature. When this happens, a signature collision occurs and only one drive is able to be seen at a time.
    Other than that, I agree with what the guys above have mentioned already. Consider having a larger storage device, instead of using multiple external drives at the same time.

    Hope this was helpful. Good luck! :)
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    There is no any USB HUB only have a A/C power cord from the wall. they need a power adapter to change AC TO DC. Usually 4-port hub can be support by laptop and desktop. if it's more the 4-port the need a extra power adapter.
    if both are 4-port USB 3.0HUB one is support by power adapter anther contact with laptop, they transfer data up to 5Gbps they are same.
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