Can't boot normally into Windows, Have to do it via the BIOS.

Over the last couple of years I have swapped out and cloned various hard drives and SSDs for my Windows 7 PC. Recently, I have been unable to boot normally. If I just let the computer boot, it won't find my SSD and will ask for boot media to be inserted. If I launch the BIOS, then I can select the Windows Boot Manager for my SSD and the computer boots fine. I have an MSI Z77-G43 Mobo, a Samsung 250GB SSD and am running Windows 7 Home. Any ideas on how to reset my BIOS so it will boot normally?
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    The CMOS battery may be flat, hence the BIOS doesn't remember which drive you set as the primary boot drive.
    New CMOS battery may fix that.

    After fitting new CMOS battery you will probably have to set the boot drive in the BIOS one more time, but after that you shouldn't need to do it again.
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