My cpu won't turn on. Don't know whats wrong.

I'm a first time builder and I'm having trouble starting my PC that I'm building. The motherboard light won't turn on and the PSU won't turn on, but after trying the paper clip test, the PSU seems to work fine. I also checked the pins on the motherboard, and they're fine. Any idea what the issue is?
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  1. It could be a lot of things-it's really impossible to know without looking over what you've done. What you are experiencing is not uncommon-especially for first time builders. You need to look through all of your components and connectors and double check that everything is seated properly or connected properly.
    Is your CPU installed correctly?
    Is your RAM fully seated in the slots?
    Have you plugged in the power connectors for -motherboard -CPU -GPU -drives

    Are there any loose pieces or anything on or under the motherboard that could be causing a short?

    Is your power button connected correctly to the motherboard--have you tried using a screwdriver to short the pins to turn it on?
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try to narrow it down
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    Here are a couple of things to check:
    1 - make sure the 4/8-pin cpu power psu cable is connected to the motherboard
    2 - Double check that the Pwr_Sw cable from your case is connected correctly. An easy way to check a problem with the power switch would be to short out the power switch +/- pins on the motherboard with a screwdriver.
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