I have windows 8.1 but I was wondering if I should downgrade to Windows 7? All youtubers and streamers use windows 7?

I bought a pre built computer and it came with windows 8.1 but would it be worth windows 7 ultimate I already have the disc. Also I could get a free upgrade for Windows 10 and people say it's well worth it but they said you should do a clean/fresh install because sometimes yku could have driver errors and other errors and i have a lot of stuff I don't want anything to happen I need to keep it all. Help???
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    Why? Windows 8.1 can do everything Windows 7 can do, and more.
  2. if you upgrade to 10 and have issues it should allow you to roll back to 7 --i think it keeps a folder to do it for 30 days

    i tested all the previews with in place upgrade and never lost anything
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